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6 mge Dyno #'s

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Just interested to know what rear wheel HP a 6 mge has?

Mine dynoed at 165rwhp. I have yet to crack the engine open to tweak it up a bit. I have, however, purchased a turbo for it. Hoping 4 at least another 80 rwhp?!.

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Here's the million dollar question,,,

considering the condition of my car, and the work recently done to my engine,,,

( my compression in all 6 cylinders is between 150-155 )

Is it worth it for me to drop Mark's 6M in my car ????

Will I notice any difference in overall pull when I drop the pedal ???

With putting in the 6m I will also perform teh basic mods,,,, header exaust,, afm and such,,,,

As much as I like the idea of extrra hp, everything comes down to value for the $$$$

Any other opinions out there ???

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The compression on the 6m when I did it 2 years ago was between 200 & 205. That wasn't bad. I only could best a 15.3 in the 1/4. dean had a 16.1.
However I did get a 14.25 in the 1/4 on the good old G teck. They are known to be a 10th out. On the track while waiting 4 the tree to light up, certianly gets you excitement going, therefore some extra wheelspin happens.
Also the night of the 15.3 drag there was a misty rain. This would account 4 less traction as well.
But you need to decide for yourself if you want it or not Rock. All I can tell you is that the engine is working great 4 me at this time.
Later, and see you the summer.
Maybe it's all in my head, but when I switched from the 5M to the 6M, I could tell a significant difference.

My 5M-GE configuration configuration consisted of an '84 engine, Pacesetter header, open-element air filter, Denso Iridium plugs/NGK wires, 2" exhaust (no cat), and a Centerforce 2 clutch.

My only additions to the 6M-GE swap was a 3" exhaust and a Rabid Chimp intake pipe.

5M-GE setup best - 15.6 @ 88.5
6M-GE setup best - 14.93 @ 90.5

A 7M crank in a 5M engine sounds like a great combination; total cost shipped was $800
Except 4 the size of the exhaust that you have all your spec's are the same as mine. I reciently up a new brullen exhaust @ 2 & 1/2. I can really tell the difference and It sounds mean as hell.
Makes me a happy Lad.
Rock, this is Chad. I have ridden in and driven Mark's '82 with the 6m. I used to have an '84 with the 5m. There is a Very noticeable difference. Ask Jamie in Oregon, she will concur. To me, the 6m is what should have been put in the mk2 from the factory. You can't help but grin ear to ear when slamming through those gears :lol: Trust me, for $600 Canadian, or whatever the selling price is, it will be worth it. Now if you are going to go Turbo...that might be a different story.
Suprafiend; Yes, the German spec car is supposed to be lighter than Canadian/US spec cars, by about 180 lbs according to the literature. Rob and I are going to weigh our cars at the same scale on the same day, with full gas tanks, just to see how much difference there is for sure.

Rock; You will definitely notice a difference with a 6M vs a 5M. 8 tenths of a second is a big difference. And Mark's car is capable of better times than a 15.3, it could probably do mid to high 14's with a dry track. That's a lot faster than 16.1! I've heard that every tenth of a second in the quarter mile is approx a car length ahead at the finish line. For example 1.3 seconds is 13 car lengths.... Huge difference, spectators wouldn't even consider it a race!

Cheappower82; Going from 15.6 to 14.9 indicates a gain of 25 HP.
Going from 88.5 MPH to 90.5 MPH indicates a gain of 15 HP.
Either way, pretty significant gains, and about what I'd expect from a 6M vs 5M.
Just to be fair..... on the track the night of the 15.3 run. Rob and Dean could of had a little better launch as well. The track was damp. Although Dean swears he couldn't do better. I beg to differ. :D
Well Mark, I guess I could have beaten my 16.1, if I'd had better tires. Might have gotten into the high 15's if I'd had better grip. Now that I have some 15x7 rims on the car with slightly better rubber, I'd like to run it again. Maybe even run one final time with my modded PS headers when I get them done, just for comparison. Then go turbo and run it again.
Wanna go to Cayuga some Friday night or Sunday afternoon for Run-What-U-Brung Fast'n'Furious Racing?? (Yes, the F'n'F is part of their tagline this summer...) :roll:
I appreciate all your insight on this,,,, very valuable considering the knowledge behind the 6m and everyone who know's Marc's car,,,,,

My intentions are to proceed with Marc's 6m in due time when he is done his swap,,, assuming Marc's does not intent to sell to anyone else,,,

I just like to know all the facts before making any relevant decision,,that way I can't say I wasn't informed,,,,,

Looking forward to the next time I can make it to Toronto,,, maybe Marc'll take me for a spin to put my mind to rest,,,

it'll be my pleasure. Hope to see you soon.
Mark 8) :evil:
so, from all that ive read in my time on the list, and here, the 6M is a worthwhile swap in later cars.

i see all the comparisons for 84s and 85s, but from what i read, id think that a 6M is a no brainer swap for those of us with 82s and 83s, considering we had lower power numbers from the factory.

my main question is, do most 6Ms that are bought these days come with the japanese spec intakes and efi gear?
if i were to install a 6M in my 82, would i have to get the intakes and efi off a later production car to get the proper power?

also, would it be worthwhile/doable to use a japanese ECU, or is our gasoline not good enough, octane wise?
im pretty sure i can get a 6M ecu brought over when my friend comes back from australia, but is it sensible?
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