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6M from scratch

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I am building a 6M from scratch parts for my friends 84 MK2

here is the details... pics are following soon

the block crank and rods are from a 7MGTE while utilizing a 8.8:1 stock cast 5M pistons 0.020 over.... the short block is all assembled while using Clevite 77 main/rod bearings... the aluminum timing cover is from a 5M and the cover hole for the crank snout needed to be machined bigger to fit the larger 7M crank snout. basically this is a 6M engine but by using a 7MGTE block... a oil squirter would be in use to cool the piston bottms for added performance.

any sugggestions and comments are welcome.

the engine is not yet done due to the 5M head is still on the stock 5M we are using right now...

pictures is on the process for poeple who wants to make a hybrid 6M from cratch parts they have...

I would like to thank Mike Lewitz for inspiring this project... for he made me think and ponder for the effoert he did to make bolt up a 7MGTE bottom end and 5M valveterrain
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3000cc MK2 said:
the 5M crank pulley has been machined already to retain the AC and PS.
Can you tell me what you had done in the way of machining?
I took a 5M pulley to a local machinist and was told there wasn't enough metal around the keyway.

I am also looking at doing this swap as 6M engines are rare here in New Zealand.
3000cc MK2 said:
... but you can machine down the key in the crank to fit it when you have the pulley machined to fir the larger 7M crank snout.

Wow! Didn't even think of that!
What is it they say??? Keep It Simple....
Time to have another look.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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