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**lame_screename** said:
Oh, my bad. I forgot to say that I have hi flow 2.5 inch from the hi flow cat all the way to the tip. I'm also still driving around in my 5M but the smog will all go to the 6M when I switch. Also, would it be do-able to install a Chimp intake everyday driving but replace with stock intake & afm during emisions test or would that require more work than it's worth? Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. I'll keep you posted on progress. :violin:
I managed to get passed with my Toysport intake and DT headers on a 6MGE. If you get sent to a Test only center then they are gonna ask you to swap over to the Stock intake system. It all depends on how anal the tech is when you get it smogged
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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