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Hey. That's where I got my 6m installed! lol. I didn't have much of any car knowledge back then so I had them install it.
I'm down here in Lompoc though.

I've been thinking of calling them and seeing if I can take an old 6m plenum and intake stuff off thier hands if they ever do another swap, or maybe I'll take it off your hands if you aren't going to use it... ;). Not sure how the 6m's come though. I'm moving out of state soon and I was thinking of getting one somewhere to put on when I move. Not sure I could find one anywhere else but there though. Since other states don't have these laws I could install it back on. If I had known more about supra's and known I may have moved back then I'd have asked to keep the 6m stuff.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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