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6M swap

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Word. I'm in the process of doing a 6M swap/upgrade in my 84 P-type. Here's what I've come up with so far mod-wise:

Doug Thorley header (where (in CA) can I get ceramic or jet coat?)
Chimp'n K&N filter
Autometer oil/water gauge (10-15HP gain) ha ha
NGK V-power plugs
Crane HI-6 w/PS91 coil or MSD 6AL w/blaster coil
head work: lil' shaving, prt&polish + 3 angle job
flat top pistons (if not already)
ACT 277ft/lb clutch
Jim King short shifter (if group buy happens)
Addco sway bars
Tokico shocks
6M ecu?

I'm going the raised compression, all-motor route. I hope to pull 180-190 rwhp. I just got the 6M today (it's real clean!), and have funds for the other stuff. Any tips/advice/recommendations much appreciated. Keep in mind though, I'm not smog exempt. (Damn!) :burn: Thanks.
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My stock gauges were not giving accurate or consistant readings :? , so I installed an autometer auto gauge mechanical oil pressure and temp gauge console. (which I have listed under mods at the beginning of the thread) Mechanical gauges, I have found, are simpler, and thus easier to work with because there are no electronics to trip out e.g. shorts, voltage drops etc... It also looks pretty schweet mounted to my shifter console! 8)
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