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6M torque specs question?????

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I'm rebuilding my 6M and understand the differences that the 6M brings to the rest of the motor, but my question is what torque specs should I use when putting it back together?

Options are:

A.) Since it's a 7M crank and rods, should I use the torque specs for the 7M when putting the mains and rods together?

B.) Do I use the 5M specs which are all a bit lighter?

C.) Should I just close my eyes and reef on it till my "f'd up wrist from hockey" gives out?

Much appreciated..

As a side note, I'm letting my 11 year old son pick out the paint colors for the motor. this could be interesting and I'll be sure to put up some pics. I'm psyched he'll come out and help me with this so it's a damn good trade off.

Here is a "before" picture:

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...because even the 7M had headgasket failures from inadequate torque of the head bolts
you don't say :sarcasm:

Actually IMO its the design of the head gaskets that are the problem in M motors, there's nothing wrong with the stock bolts. The stock torque spec is on the low side however, I went with 70lbs/ft myself.

If you're doing a rebuild, just go with a metal head gasket right from the get go, turbo or not. Its only a matter of time with the stock style gaskets, they're all junk, its a horrible design.

There's a fully rebuilt 7mge in my shop right now with 6000kms on it and a seeping Altrom headgasket (pretty much the same as oem toyota). Both the block and head were properly planed, very nice finish on them.
good points, you definitly don't want to overdue to the torque on the stock bolts. But they are pretty beefy mofus. I bet if you looked them up on a standard scale that plots max torq to thread diameter and pitch they probably can handle alot more then the stock 58lbs/ft.
No, they're not stretch to yield bolts. I've reused 5m head bolts many many times and never had any issues.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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