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6mge 82 Turdcel - 7mgte 84 Poopra

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So, With the recent find of a 7mge motor and turbo equip for $100:thumbsup: :D ive decided that the best thing to do with my 6mge is put it in my 82 Tercel:eek4dance:(Not 4x4) .
Not planning on doing this over night, and I suspect for me to get both cars up and running and going it will take me atleast 8 - 9 months doing it by myself and on a "near free" budget. Lucky me, I know a machinist. Step one, Get the 7m-gte up and going and rebuilt. Sink that baby in, THEN, worry about the Tercel.
I already know I gotta move the firewall back, and ill probably be sitting right behind the b pillar, And blah blah blah. HAHA. I havnt seen this done before. Thinking it should be something comparable to rocketscience when its finished.
Ive looked around and have seen no Tercel swaps done. Ill keep this thread alive. Im gonna pick up my motor in a couple days and then ill start the Tear down. :zzzzz: Pics will be included every step of The way. Any help that anyone wants to contribute would be greatly appreciated ;)
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this reminds me of the 2jz-gte CAMRY that rolls around battle creek he waxed on me when i had my halftrack.
HALFTRACK?? like.. Front wheels like a car, rear Tracks like a tank?
ha ha everyone thinks that. it is basically a celica with a mr2 turbo motor and a camry transmission add this all up and you get = baller :google: it is still fwd not awd like a alltrack hence the name halftrack fast as hell:zzzzz:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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