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I went through some trouble last time at the deq. After a full tune up and oil change I still could not pass. The number were better but not enough.
I messed around with the timing with various degrees of success but still could not pass. I finally went and bought a new cat and passed.

A full tune up is a good start but in the end I think it was the new cat that did it.

I'm in the process of putting togather the 6mgte now and have both intake plenums (ported out and ready for the RC TB)

there are small subtle differances between them. I happend to be down in the barn/shop the other day looking longingly at my parts stash and was thinking about the smog check with the new engine. My understanding of the egr system was not so much that it took exhust away from the exhust stream as much is whut you put back in to the intake stream. It is interesting that the exhust supply is only from one cylinder.

If one were to say be using MS and have the enging properly tuned (maybe even with a special file setting to pass emitions) then would not the need for the egr be eliminated? I personally don't like the idal of sending dirty exhust gasses back into my freshly polised intake system...

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