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Price: $1800

I built this engine for my endurance race car. There is no EGR or other emission equipment. The block and crank are from a 1987 7MGE and the head is from a 1985 5MGE. Dyno chart is somewhere below: 165hp/175tq on a hub dyno (Dynapack). Both engines had close to 200k miles before the rebuild, and this engine has run several thousand race miles since the build. Yes, it burns a little oil when running at full throttle all day.

The following parts and work went into the build, and I did all the work myself except surfacing the block:

Valves and seats were lapped.
Block and rear timing cover were machined flat
Cylinders were honed (still had original crosshatch!)
New Chinese pistons, rings, pin kit - standard bore, high dome (1985)
New main and rod bearings
ARP head studs
Cometic MLS head gasket
New gaskets and seals
New Freeze plugs
5MGE oil pan
New 310cc injectors
New timing belt

The Megasquirt is a custom MS3 board within a stock ECU box. More photos can be found in my build thread:



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$1,800? I would be all over that and I would drive to Georgia to get it!
I paid $1,500 and had a rebuilt engine delivered to my door! Not with your upgrades,but it is an '85 engine.
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