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7.5" Differential (Truetrac 3.58) $650 +Shipping 98383

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PM is best way to contact.
Location: Silverdale, WA

7.5" Differential (Truetrac 3.58) $650 +Shipping. Figure ~$100 on the high end for shipping. I will only ask for what shipping costs.

*Edit: I am getting asked if there are papers. This is a used diff hence the price. Fully rebuilt would be something closer to $1500-$2000. You are buying a used diff that I don't need anymore.
*Edit2: So people really can stop asking. mileage=unknown. Papers=No and I don't even know what that means in this context. Yes really it has a truetrac. Yes really it is a 3.58. Take it as a used diff in need of a rebuild.
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I'll buy it 100%, pm sent.
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