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This is a little game I play with my friends. You can have any 7 cars in the world, what are they?
Insurance, maintanence, gas etc. is free, so if you want a Lamborghini LM002 or a mid 70's Jaguar don't let that stop you. Also, doesn't matter if it's actually street legal.
I don't know why I picked 7. It sounds like a lot, but it's harder then it seems (for me, anyway). Here they are:
-Toyota Supra '84 (New engine? Not sure...)
-Subaru Impreza WRX STi
-Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)
-Acura NSX Zero
-Suzuki Escudo Pike's Peak version
-BMW 750i '98
-Toyota 4runner (w/ offroad type mods)

I'd also like a wicked fast sportbike (Y2K jetbike and Suzuki Hayabusa spring to mind), but not anymore then any one of the above. I think... (this is why it's fun)

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85 MK2 Black 2JZGTE the Norbie style
95 MK3 Black 2JZ GTE
98 MK4 Black T88 and supporting mods (what ever that is :roll:, :lol: )
McLaren F1
Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Suzuki Escudo Pike's Peak version
Lambo Diablo

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'77 Celica GT fastback ::drool::
'86 mk2 Supra 6MGTE Black, of course
'85 Celica GTS 22RTE
'85 Toyota 4x4 P/U Black, 36" Boggers
'79 280ZX
'71 Plymouth 'Cuda either 440 or 426 Hemi
R32 Skyline GTR "because it's cute" lol

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McLaren F1
Ferrari F40
Ferrari Enzo
'70 Hemi Cuda <--------commuter :lol:
'69 Camaro 427 COPO
Dodge Viper SRT/10
Original Shelby 427 S/C Cobra
AMC Pacer (oh wait seven :pat: )

This list would only cost about a million bucks a year to insure. I'm sure you all choose a Mk2 honestly of course :lol: . I think you'd trade it in at the local Ferrari dealer the minute you found out you won the lottery. :D

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69 Mustang mach 1...fully restored to mint condition
Renault 5 w/ an Abarth racing engine
Ferrari 308 for a commuter
Lambo Diablo
Mint 82 Supra w/ less than 10k miles (theres gotta be one somewhere)
E55 AMG Benz
AMC Eagle stationwagon suped up for off road


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-mint 82 supra with a 1uz swap
-shelby series 1
-bmw m5
-suzuki haybusa
-67 camaro rs with the hidden headlights and a 327 small block
-police car :D ;)
-40ish foot offshore racing boat/cigarette boat...2000ish horsepower from twin v12s, enough room for yourself, your navigator, and two foolhardy, brave friends, at 120 mph on smooth water.

edit: removed the mclaren...... substituted for a million dollar boat.

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64 Impala covertible (with a couple switches)
57 corvette w/427
lotus esprit tt v8
toyota trekker mint
95 rx-7 tt
70's land rover

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'83 Supra
'79 Mustang 5.0
'68 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet fastback
'70 Superbird
'71 AMC Gremlin with a 401 (Randall American XR-401 if any still exist)
'05 Supra (hey, money is no object, and I don't care if it is 1 of 0 ;))
'94 Chevy K-1500

Missed the cut:

'77 Dodge Monaco 440
'70 Nova SS 350
'69 Charger (real General Lee from "The Dukes of Hazzard")
'69 Daytona
'88 AMC Eagle wagon (though I'm very surprised, and very happy, to see it made Racefiend's list). Especially if I can have the very last one to roll out of the factory on 12/14/87. Just happens that that was my 8th birthday.
'81 DeLorean
'91 Supra
'58 Thunderbird
'79 Thunderbird
'75 AMC Pacer
'75 Ford Pinto
'77 Mustang II Cobra II
A monster truck

And even with those twenty I would still want more cars!

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1. 81 MKI. 2-Tone Black/Silver, Performance Package option, fully loaded.
2. My current Redpra.
3. Same car, only a Automatic.
4. Same car, only a L-Type. Would convert to CelicaXX badging.
5. 91 - 92 MKIII Turbo. White Package, Leather, Sunroof option (no targa), either tranny. Would be a actual JZA70, or a 2JZ conversion.
6. 97 - 98 MKIV TT. 6-speed. Must be RSP. Would have EVERY single TRD Japan upgrade on it.
7. 98 MKIV TT Quicksilver. Automatic (1 of 9)

Missed the cut:

67 - 68 2000 GT.
81 MKI. Would have the Griffith "Legato" conversion (for those who know what the Griffith Sunchaser conversion is on a Celica, you'll know this one).
85 Celica GTS Convertible. 22R-TE. Red.
86 or 87 4-Runner, 22R-TE motor, or a 89 4-Runner w/ the V6.
81 Pontiac Trans Am. Must have the Black/Gold "Bandit" package, fully loaded w/ the 301 Turbo motor (yeah yeah, it's slow).
80 Pontiac Trans Am Indy 500 Pace Car version.
79 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition. 4-speed.
69 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible. 1 of 8.
71 Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible. 1 of 17.
74 Hurst/Olds w/ the W30 package. Either White or Black.
68 Shelby GT500KR Mustang
70 Boss 429 Mustang
61 Chevy Impala SS Convertible. MUST have the 409 ci V8 (1 of 17 made).
63 Chevy Impala Hardtop. MUST have the Z-11 Drag Race option (1 of ~58 made).
57 Chevy Corvette. 283 ci V8, Fuel Injection, 4-speed. Venetian Red.
69 Chevy Corvette. Must have the ZL-1 motor (1 of 2 or possible 3 made).
67 Chevy Corvette. Must have the L88 motor (1 of 16??).
57 Ford T-Bird. 312 ci V8, MUST have the Paxton Supercharger.
78 Ford Mustang King Cobra. Fully loaded.
69 Dodge Dart GTS Convertible. 440 V8, 4-speed.

Motorcycles: Would have at least a Buell, a Ducati, and a Hayabusa.

Hrmmm..... I think this list is long enough for now... :D :oops:

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1my car(audi 4000 quattro) with turbo engine mint as winter car black

2.89 bmw M3 black

3.86 mk2 with a 2jz black

4this spot reserved for either a crotch rocket or a chopper of sorts(gotta have a bike)

5porsche 944 turbo(black)

6 datsun 510 with somethiung like 300hp black with wide body

7 240z with rb skyline engine black

i could think of lots more like muscle cars but i rahter have a car going fast in the turns as well as in a straigh line so yeah

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:rotfl: Wicked, you guys rock. I was in a rush before, so here's what just missed the cut:
-Suzuki Hayabusa
-Y2K jetbike
-Porsche 959
-Porsche 911 GT1
-Toyota Baja racer
-Tatra T815 (21 litre diesel V12, oh hell yeah)
-Oshkosh HEMTT
-Dmitri-Parfjenov T-98 Combat
-Nissan 300ZX (TT)
-Gary Donovan's Plymouth Reliant
-mid-80's Audi Quattro
-Dodge Viper GTS-R concept
-Cadillac Cien concept
-Top Secret MKIV Supra

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67 shelby toyota 2000gt

85 mkii built 7mgte, 720cc/min injectors, sp63 turbo kit, etc...(already in progress)

85 mkii high compression 6m with tripple webbers, tri mil header, port work, cams, etc...(also in progress)

85 mkii 6mgte with air/water intercooler(might build one soon as i have most of the parts needed already)

71 celica gt with built 3sgte, 5 speed, suspension work, etc...

94 mkiv twin turbo 6 speed. black on black, black 18in te37's, and of coarse all the power goodies.

95 celica turbo alltrac lots of mods of coarse


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1) 1983 Supra (done)
2) 1999 Corvette (done)
3) 1970-72 Corvette convertible 4 speed (will happen)
4) Mk IV Supra Turbo 6 speed (probably happen)
5) 1989 Corvette 6 speed coupe (might happen)
6) Ferrari Testarossa (dreamin')
7) 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO (wet dreamin')

And of course the 3 bay double deep garage to hold them all complete with lifts, tools, full water and electric, large compressor, and parts loft - which would cost more than the Testarossa! But still less than the GTO...DAMN! :cry: :shock: :lol:
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