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77 ST out here in NC , looking to bring it back to daily driver

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Hello! Im Brandon \m/
Have spent what feels like ages trying to find a forum for classic celicas and supras. I have a 77 gen 1
don't see much on here for the Gen1's after looking thru the forums. However hope to upgrade the motor,trans, overall drivetrain to a more "modern" set up. Just wanted to throw a little introduction out saying whats up!

Bone stock
missing rear windshield (y)
unable to get the motor to fully crank without either :I

Would really like to get a 1jz with an r154 set up going haha!

I come from the world of a 69 bug so any suggestions or tips would be super appreciated! Look forward to getting to know yall \m/
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You're not seeing much here because we are 79-86 Celica Supras
You're not seeing much here because we are 79-86 Celica Supras
yeah I figured so.(y)(y) Goals are to get my 77 to have the inner workings of the later years. So might as well come to where I plan on needing advice and little odd and end parts
There is 2 or 3 members here that also own 77 Liftback.. They may chime in!
Hell yeah sounds sick look forward to getting more in depth in the forum getting to know people! Cheers to you dude \m/
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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