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7m block

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i know a while ago i set up one askin a bout front clips and since then i have helped a buddy rebuild his 7mge and anothers sr20(i know it's a nissan but its fast now) and now want to build a motor for myself i have fallen i love with aturbo and want to have a killer oldsckool ride. but anyways i was lookin for a motor that needed to be rebuilt. i live in VA and was kinda lookin for some one within a few hours. i've been hunting the junk yards but i figured maybe some body has one or knew of one kinda cheap cause i plan on puting some money in it. anyways if any body know anything i would love to hear some feed back. i also have some parts for a 5m just in case some body wants to swap some parts.

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i don't know where in VA you are, but if you are near MD, crazy ray's u-pull-it in jessup had like 7 mk3s on the lot htis past weekend. 2 or 3 were turbos, the motors were still in but the turbo parts gone. i don't know how much they charge so you might want to check, but the cars seem to be reasonably recent arrivals

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