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REPLY WITH MKII-7M-GTE GROUP BUY in the subject header

The request I've had is a BASIC 7M-GTE MKII Swap:

Ok, here's the deal, The "basic" swap will cost
$1995.00!!! and only if we get 10 or more people.
Andy and I are doing this basicly for the good of
the MKII community.

We'll swap the engine and do the wiring. This includes
parts, fluids, and our labor. Both cars must run and
be in good condition. Condition of the MKIII body doesn't
matter. This is a basic swap, You will have just a basic
a stock 7M-GTE in your car, with exhaust that should pass
emissions just as well as the donor car did. A/C is not
included, but we will provide part numbers so you can do it
yourself. This is to help get the worst part of the swap
done, the wiring and the actual motor installation. The
rest (and upgrades) you can do later when you have time and
money. We just pull the motor, set it up for the MKII and
drop it in. Hook up intercooler pipes, re-weld the MKIII
exhaust to work in the MKII. Stock radiator, stock turbo
stock clutch, W58, Stock MKIII exhaust. Any upgrades you
want will be extra (clutch, MHG, turbo, etc.). We reuse
as much of the MKII and MKIII as we can. Cleaning and prep
work is extra (if you want the motor painted, engine bay
done etc). We will do a test for a bad head gasket before
we pull the motor out of the MKIII.

Cars will be finished as quickly as we can on a first come
first serve basis (first car here is the 1st we start on)

[email protected]

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jtamulis said:
Yes I'll do them if ten people are interested. But it doesn't look like that
is gonna happen. Once my shop is running I'll consider doing them, but
I'm not advertising anymore, Its really worth doing the swap for personal
cars, but it's NOT worth doing for profit.


:werd: Part of the reason I don't advertise anymore either.Much better to let each person do the main work themselves,and just get a consulting fee. :wink:

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Nope,this is just for labor,you supply both cars.A very good deal still.
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