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Thanks for the help ITSUKI Drifter. Turns out our final set-ups will be quite close (that is whenever I get mine done in the next year or so). Couple more questions for you:

1. What compression pistons did you end up going with from Ross? Do you know how they compare to the Wisecos?
2. Does using the 2.0mm head gasket change the final compression ratio at all (I was thinking about going with the HKS 1.2mm head gasket)?
3. Why do we have to go with .030" over pistons with the larger 7M-GTE rods? I don't understand this?
4. Do you remeber what are the ARP part numbers for the different studs are (sorry)? Some people use the ARP studs from a 7M, but these I'm told are too short for the 5M/6M head. Thanks for the help. 8)
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