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how difficult is it to swap a 7mge into a 84 supra?
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searched and found over 600 hits and didn't see anytnig pertaining to my question, dick.
if your going to go through the hassle of putting in a 7MGE why not just put the 7MGTE its almost the same amount of work. there are a couloe of 7MGE guys that have swapped them into them mk2. try diffrent search methods

going around insulting people will only get you :banned:
:imwithst: Zank...I see we're going to have a lot of fun with these new emoticons.

:scratch: --> Wonders if dudes name is actually Dick and he wasn't trying to insult anybody.
no. his name is chris. i know him personaly. 8)
well thats great then, you can personally tell him not to be such a dick around here then. This question has been asked many times here, and there should be several threads with the answer your asking. Try refining your search a little.
Dork MK2 said:
searched and found over 600 hits and didn't see anytnig pertaining to my question, dick.
Thats f'd just 3mins of searching I found over 4 threads with usefull information. But seeing that I"m a DICK like Chris, I'll just keep this to myself.

A little advice, which your probably not going to take anyway: There are dozens of members on this site that are willing to help in anyway they can. But in order for them to help you, you first have to help yourself...nobody is going to always spoon-feed you the info. If you don't have 5 minutes to search...i mean really search through threads, how do you expect the to have time to research an engine swap...oh, and like Zank said...calling one of our most respected and helpful members a Dick :naughty: is not going to get any of your questions answered in the futre.

Avp23 said:
no. his name is chris. i know him personaly. 8)
Andy,if you know him,then he must be local? If thats the case,then he should have gotten more info from you,and talked to us other locals before coming here with an attitude.

Guess I'll be a DICK also,and make sure I don't give him any info,at least until Chris gets a PUBLIC APOLOGY.
Wow you guys....

Anyway, I think Andy was talking about me (the local guy). And yes, I know Andy as well...

Now as for Dork's real name..... I'm exercising my right to remain silent... Since I don't know his name anyway.. And will leave it at that...

Helpful hint to the newbies..... Even though the information you are looking for may not be REALLY OBVIOUS when you read the subject line (from looking at the search results), sometimes you have to look at the post content. In other words, plan for extra time to look for the needed infomation. Yes, it may mean that you will be sitting in front of the 'puter' for over an hour, at least give this a try. For the most part, if it is something that we have not answered before, then you'll get a responsive answer. If it is something that has been answered in the past (especially this topic (7MGE transplant), you can expect the standard "search" answer.
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Chris,I originally read this last night.I almost posted while drunk :drinking: Must not have been tuned up enough,thought I might get :banned: for my remarks at that time :lol:
Time for more :drinking:
Well, just got home from the bar :wedrunk: and I'm in with Junkie. I just added another name to my list..... :bad-word: :banned:
Karaki, dya know what I mean this time? :p
Man...just cause I didn't buy you a beer, you're putting me on this list again :doh: ...i gotcha bro...i'm gonna have to buy a mainframe to store the names on my list :shock:
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