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7mgte should i buy

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ok i am getting a 7mgte with some mods includin bov for abt 2500( good condition..).. this includes everything to put it straight into my mk2.. is it worth it? also if i pass this up.. how easy or hard is it to get a 7mgte in a few month when i have mo money..
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I would say its impossible to get one when you have no money :wink: Seriously tho, I would not pay that kind of money for a motor outta the car. I'd suggest if you've got $2500 now, set it aside, have a little patience and within the year, you'll probably find a running and driving but otherwise basketcase wrecked or rustbucket mk3t. That way you can make sure everything works perfectly while its still in its native environment before you do the swap. We've already heard a few stories of 7m-gte projects having trouble outta the box only to discover it was some problem with the engine even before the swap. I should warn you that such frustration could lead to hair loss. Why I don't do Mustangs anymore :banghead:

Phil D.
hay are you in california cuz if you are i think i just talked to the guy thats sell ing you the set up.

yeah i am... are u?>
$2500 sounds too expensive to me, assuming this isn't some perfect condition low mile motor. There are quite a selection of running Mk3 listed for around $3k these days. Then you can sell parts to make some of that back. If you can get access into salvage auctions you can buy them quite a bit cheaper than that. I only paid $425 for and entire wrecked 90T. I know if you're willing to pay 1000-1500 you can have your choice of Mk3T.
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