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My mechanic finally disassembled my 7mgte. Definitely needs a rebuild and will be send to a specialist machinist shop for further inspection:

- the engine was driven overheated
- cylinder walls might have barrelled from heat and worn
- head might be warped
- head might not be getting enough oil
- will need new oversized pistons

I am now tempted to get forge pistons and Eagle rods, but I will stay stock power for 10 years. I have read a lot about the J&E asymmetrical pistons from MotoIQ articles but they do cost more than your average forge. So I am thinking of staying OEM for now and 10 years down the road when my chassis, wheels, and tires are upgraded, take the engine out again for inspection with rebuild. Then get the forge pistons and Eagle rods along with some tunable ECU etc. I figure that way I do not worn down the forge pistons and rods for just stock power applications. It may sound wasting $$$ in the long run, but maybe not so? Tying to make sure I do not go over board my max $8k budget, plus I want to do some oiling improvements and upgrading the diff.

As for the head not getting enough oil assumption, Williamb82, I saw your thread about improving or addressing oiling issues. It is a very good read! I might pm you at some point for your oil pump to block line kit. I will most likely try to apply all the tips and mods you mentioned on that thread!
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