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7mgte wiring?? What to keep, what to cut???

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I have a 87 turbo donor car and I'm in the process of removing the engine and it seems like there is a million miles of wiring and I'm trying to keep the harness intact. What are the must haves of the harness and what can be cut? I don't want to pull the whole harness and then find out I only needed part of it but on the other hand I don't want to leave anything essential behind either. Thanks for any info.
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I can build a sub harness :D

If you have the donor car,you need the engine and all it's related components.If a part unbolts from the body,and plugs into the motor,svae it.Also any and ALL plugs that plug into the engine harness,under the hood and under the dash.

PM me if you want more details.There are now 9 turbo cars and 1 N/A car running aroiund with this harness. #9 Turbo just fired and drove to the exhaust shop yesterday. 8)
oldschool85 said:
JUNKIE: how much for a complete wiring harness instead of a subharness
You have to have the engine harness,and the plugs,as mentioned in previous post.With those extra plugs,the sub-harness gets built,then it's plug it in,solder a total of 9 wires to the car,and off ya go. :wink:
Just getting paid for my time to build,I'm at $650 for just the harness.This is with you supplying the needed plugs.Pay for a plane ride and feed me,keep a beer in my hand,I'll come install it. :wink: 8)

:edit: this is for a manual trans car,auto will be more,as I have to figure out about 4 more wires,and it takes time "lots it seems :? " to trace and configure.
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