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7mgte wiring?? What to keep, what to cut???

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I have a 87 turbo donor car and I'm in the process of removing the engine and it seems like there is a million miles of wiring and I'm trying to keep the harness intact. What are the must haves of the harness and what can be cut? I don't want to pull the whole harness and then find out I only needed part of it but on the other hand I don't want to leave anything essential behind either. Thanks for any info.
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[quote="Junkie" Pay for a plane ride and feed me,keep a beer in my hand,I'll come install it. :wink: 8)[/quote]


The cost just went up over a grand and that isn't counting the plane ticket. :roll: Keeping Shawn in Hard Lemonaide and beer is quite the challenge....... 8) However, worth every single penny! :wink:

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