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recently my alternator went out on my 6m-ge 83'supra. I had the 6m-ge put in like 3 years ago though so maybe I dont' remember correctly but I think the mechanic had to use a different alternator. I read Dave R's writeup on putting a 80amp alternator into the MKII's and seeing that I have power everything plus a large stereo in mine I figured I'd go with that. I found that the 70 and 80amp alternators out of the 88 supra's mounting bolt's are basically the same so I'd guess they would fit. The 70amp alternator's pulley is the same as the alternator I have right now. 7groove, same diameter and all. The 80amp alternator however has a 5groove pulley. In Dave R's writeup he says...

In addition to the alternator, you will need a new belt since the pulleys aren't the same, and cannot be swapped due to a conflict in shaft size. I bought a Gates K050375 belt -- which translates to be a 5 rib 37.5" belt. I paid 15 dollars, but for those purists, the genuine Toyota belt will run you 20 dollars. The new belt is 2 ribs narrower than the stock 7 rib belt. This will cause no problems in everyday usage, but over time, you will pay the price of requiring new bearings in the pulleys for the water pump and the alternator (thanks to PhilD for pointing this out).
Which leads me to believe it's possible to put in BUT with what consequences? I mean what does having the 5groove pulley and belt in place of the 7groove pulley and belt do over time? It's nearly half an inch thinner in width. Can this cause other damage or expenses? What's involved and what's the expense and how often would the bearings in the pulleys of the water pump and alternator be?

I talk too much. lol.

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Thanks for the replies. If it doesn't cause that much damage I may just go ahead and get the 80amp alternator.

I checked at Napa and Autozone and the 80amp alternator is $180 AFTER a core swap, which they would give me $50 credit for my old alternator. I'm not very gifted in the bank account area so I'd like to avoid that if I can, I mean if I have to I'll get the $180 one but if I can save I wil. In the Dave R's writeup he mentions I'm not like a car person or anything so part numbers are lost on me. I checked there for an 88 supra alternator and I see...

1987 SUPRA NA 1186,3D2X 27060-63081 T58834 112 $28.00
1987 SUPRA NA 0487,3D2X 113 $28.00
1989 SUPRA NA BOSCH REMAN 48 $28.00
1987 SUPRA NA 0687,SPT 27060-43130 T42411 121 $28.00
1987 SUPRA NA 0886,3D2X, T96966 109 $28.00
1987 SUPRA NA 1086,3D2X 27060-63081 T50222 120 $28.00
1987 SUPRA NA 0387,3D2X 27060-43130 T80755 73 $28.00
1991 SUPRA NA 27060 42030 99 $52.00
1991 SUPRA NA 0691,3D2X 119 $52.00
1988 SUPRA NA 3.0IC,AC T89850 121 $60.00
1988 SUPRA NA 27060 43130 T92736 127 $60.00
1988 SUPRA NA 3.0TF,FAC T89908 72 $60.00
1988 SUPRA NA 0788,3D2X 27060-43140 T41103 95 $60.00
1987 SUPRA NA 1086,3D2X,QC 31 $75.00

... and I'm like, what the heck is this. Would any of those work or do i have to find a specific one or.. what. Also these are used so would they be realiable or would I find myself having to replace it again in a year or so. I'm lost. Any help would be much appreciated as it would possibly save me $100+.
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