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In the 7m application, the belt makes contact further around the pulleys than on the 5/6m arrangement. Thus the reason the 5/6m use a 7 rib belt while the 7m can get away with the 5 rib. Hence if you use a 5 rib belt on a 5/6m, you have to tighten the belt further to prevent slippage. Even so, on really cold mornings there might still be a little slip as has been pointed out. This extra tightening causes just a little more friction on the water pump and alternator bearings. Its not a really big deal, but if the original water pump already has 100+K miles, you must figure on hastening its ultimate demise with this swap. Dont let this stop you tho cause its a worthwile upgrade.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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