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My 81 MKI has reached the age where all the trim pieces that go around windows and the rear hatch are coming loose. Two Questions.

First. As of yesterday i have lost both the Passenger and Driver side black plastic pillar roof supports. On the exterior of the car these are the two posts left and right that support the roof. Yes there are some available used but the age of the plastic and the wind resistance says that they would not last long. Are these two plastic covers still available from Toyota? do they come with the two clips that hold them on? and the Price?

I have also lost some trim around there rear hatch window. This is the trim that covers the seal. Is any of this trim still available?

I really like the idea of dealing with you as you help with the site. although i have a 30 relationship with the dealer. They have a new manager and so few that know me are still there there is no longer an advantage.
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