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82 celica supra steering wheel/combination switch and.....

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i need what is in the title plus door locks and trunk locks (the part where you insert the key... and a key that fits them please !!!!!

the previous owner jacked up the combination switch and uses an ignition that isnt in the combination switch the ignition just hangs out of the dash .....i also only have the key to the retarted ignition so i cant lock my doors or i cant get in ...... thats why i need all these things and a key please inform me and give me a price ......
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I have a steering wheel..its Blue from an 82
I have the switch
I should have at least door locks from an '83 that are already off car...If not I can take them off my other 83 parts car.

I would think that 82 & 83 are the same locks (sideways handle) but you would have to verify that with someone else who knows for

PM me if interested...BTW is this a rush thing... as in U need it tomorrow?? Why I ask is that if I have to go up to Storage where my parts car costs me about $20. in gas there and back plus 1 & 1/2 of my time for travel

thanks alot guys ill pm you guys ...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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