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83 and 84 suspension

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Is there a difference between the 83 and 84 suspension setup? The reason i asked is because i guy stopped by my work today to see if my car was for sale. He has been looking for an 83 supra. I told him mine was an 84. He only wanted an 83 cause the suspension was setup better in the 83 rather then the 84. Is this true or is he full of it?

thanks for the info guys.

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VERY MUCH FULL OF IT!!!!!! :bs: :toilet:

Just for the heck of it, ask him what the differences are specifically!!! This should be good.... :lol: :lol:
thanks chris will ask him today. need to get to work to get his number. as soon as he tells me i will let you guys know.

I have both an 83 and 84. There are no differences. If anything the 84 handled much better if only for shocks that weren't 20 years old.
LoL!! Yes, we know.... Basically not a whole lot of changes took place from 82 - 86... Other than the front cartridges.. Switched from heavy duty ones to gas charged sometime in the 84 model year...

As I told Jeremy, I'm just curious as to what this guy's explanation is... This should be facinating.. :?
ahh yes!!!! i call this fella and he will not pick up his phone. I left him a few messages explaining that the suspension was the same in from 82-86 and he must be mistaken about another car. a celica maybe?? now when i call his number the voice mail tells me my number has been blocked.

go figure i think he picked the wrong guy with a computer to mess with!!!! :twisted:

will let you guys know if he decides to call back.

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