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83 Supra

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can't say i care to much for the light covers or the painted rims, but that car is very clean and very nice. Excellent vehicle.
very clean job, my compliments but i personally dont like the bodywork. the front lip is just too much for me... but its YOUR car so enjoy it! Great work!
maybe its the pic....but i get a lot of compliments about it.....its ok though....everyone has there own opinion.... :)
I can't understand why people who want to show off their car. Take pictures of their car at nite.
Car looks awesome, love the taillight covers, did you do them yourself or did you get them from somewhere cuz id like to get my hands on a pair of those.
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yeah...your ride is dope sauce! the supra looks even better with tail light covers. BTW did you make those yourself? Nice custom job. Where did you get the kit? i've been looking all over for something like that Most places are charging up the ass for a kit. I'm not trying to spend over $1500 just for a kit.
how about some daytime pics :p
thanks a lot guys for the compliments....the tail light covers are cousin did the job himself i think....i believe he painted the fiberglass on the inside so that the side of the fiberglass on the outside is shiny and is not painted on the kit is a KAMINARI kit and it was purchased in around 1987 i think....i really dont know...thats an estimation...again my cousin bought the kit...i also think he bought the 84-85 celica can check out the kits on KAMINARIUSA.COM...they're selling the kit for like 800 i think......i recently bought the car off my most of the work is i cant take credit for the extrerior work...all i'm doing now is replacing the parts that should be replaced....basic maintenance stuff and trying to boost HP in the engine....thats about it......but soon i'm going to post daytime pics and interior pics.....i'm fixing up the interior now and also cleaning the engine and bay and painting it also.....changing spark plugs and wires and adding colored tubing...basically dressing it up....again...thanks for the compliments...peace
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always enjoy looking at a supra nice color, glad to see you kept part of the front bumper black, to keep the lines.
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