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84-86 Hatch Banner Vector Graphic

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Hey all,

Haven't been on here in a little over a year, so there hasn't been a hyper-verbose tfphoenix thread for some time. Lets do this thing.

TL;DR: Here is a vector graphic you can take to a vinyl shop and have them make you a new 84-86 "SUPRA" hatch banner with, or you could use a Cricut/Silhouette and make one yourself. Download will be linked at the end of the post.

The finer detail:
I had previously stated here in my Supra font thread and in a couple other threads that I would share the vector graphics I made when doing this '85 banner replacement project in the event Raptor Racing and Torparts no longer had banner stickers for the 84-86 MK2 Supra as I wanted to encourage people to support what few vendors we have for MK2 restoration for as long as possible.

Last week I was asked by a member to make good on that offer as Torparts was unable to fill his order and George at Raptor had told him he doesn't have the right color in stock and wasn't sure if/when he will do another run of them.

First, how this repro was created...

I removed the lid from a flatbed scanner, pressed it up against my hatch and scanned the factory lettering.

Then traced over each letter with a uniform-sized stroke in Inkscape.

The end result was about as close as it gets IMO, I always try to be as precise as possible. Better than most of the ones I see on Ebay anyways, some details on what I mean by that here.

Sample (Click to view)

Next, the discaimer...

I did my banner replacement project about 5 years ago, and although the graphics I made had measurements saved that were taken from my car, I can't guarantee they will perfectly match another Supra... I don't know how precise Toyota cared to be when it came to a sticker back in the 80's or if I was 100% spot on with all my measurements at the time.

Also while the lettering should be very close to factory, the backing for the letters is intentionally slightly oversized (~1mm) from OE as in my case I used it to hide UV-tinted paint (see banner replacement thread linked above).

Finally the specs...

Recommended size for lettering:
Complete: 1340x53mm - (includes spacing between letters)
S: 250x45mm
U: 240x45mm
P: 250x45mm
R: 252x45mm
A: 245x53mm - (includes TOYOTA footer)

Recommended size for backing:
Complete: 1348x61mm (includes spacing between letters)
S: 258x53mm
U: 248x53mm
P: 258x53mm
R: 262x53mm
A: 253x61mm - (includes TOYOTA footer)

That's all folks! Let me know how it goes if you try these out and don't forgot to put your lock cylinder through the "P" - make it look proper. (y)

I'll attach the files to this thread in whatever format is allowed, looks like only PDF, but there's SVG (the source format) and EPS in this dropbox here: 84-86 MK2 Banner Graphics


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