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84 Supra fuel problem ???

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Thanks in advance for everybody's help, I have a 1984 Supra 5MGE w/1130000+ miles. The car was running great then after crossing a small depression in the road it started missing. The check engine light came on and I limped the car almost home. The car could only be driven w/o touching the accel. If I did the engine would immediatley start to die. Then it finally died and wouldn't restart. After sitting in the garage for about a week I could get the engine to fire when turning it over but as soon as the key was released it would die.
I pulled the fault code and it indicated the ECU. A Toyota serv. man said they rarely go bad but check for loose connections or loose ground. I did and all seem ok. I have checked for spark(ok at igniter and #1 plug). I checked valve timing and belt(ok and belt was replaced not long ago). I replaced the fuel filter and ran some gas out into a container (It looked ok). Approx. 5 yrs. ago I had a problem with the fuel circuit opening relay and it was replaced. I tested it, per the Haynes Man., Between terminals STA and E1 I get 29 ohms not the 30 to 60 ohm range and between IG and Fc 150 ohms instead of 80 to 120 ohmm range. Is this enough out of the range to be the problem?? I also noticed when the fuel pump check connector was jumped I did not get a "whirring" soound from listening at the filler neck. It was an "uneven sound" with a recurring clicking noise??? Yet it did pump gas into the container? So, after all this, is the cutoff relay resistance out of range far enough to be the problem or do I have to drain a gas tank 3/4 full and replace the fuel pump?
A few more quest. where can I get parts online and where are the online TSRM's located?
Thanks, Tom
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Supra007 said:
Thanks in advance for everybody's help, I have a 1984 Supra 5MGE w/1130000+ miles.
You have a Supra with 1,130,000 miles on it? One million, one hundred and thirty thousand miles? Holy crap!

Oh...and *ahem* what's up with the username? Hmmmm..... ;)

(hope you get your fuel problem figured out. Norbie gives EXCELLENT advice)
Tell me about about a lack or originality. I chose my name because it's my screen name on AIM. (Well, that and I think James Bond is cool).

I think a Mk2 should be used in the next James Bond flick - guns inside the pop-up headlights would be schweet. :2gunfire:
No worries about the post you made. I received your email just now...and I was just bustin' your chops about the name choice etc.

I hope you get the fuel problem solved. It looks to me like something has come loose or unplugged. Seems like a very strange coincidence that you hit a bump, and soon after, the problem occured. As for where to buy parts for the Supra online, there are a few sources depending on what you need:

For OEM Toyota parts...
Jay Marks Toyota (contact: Jeff Watson)

For salvage parts...
Nix99 (ask for Shawn or Don)

Most of this information is in the FAQ section:

Also, the only TSRM I know of online is this one (there could be another):
[This particular one is for a 1986 Model]

Best of luck....and welcome to forum ;)
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