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85 L type Runs for 5 Mins then stalls

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85 L type - 6mge. It runs great when cold then after about 5 mins it stalls like it is out of gas. My mechanic swears its not the fuel pump because he says it is still pumping when the car stalls. I have replaced the fuel filter, plugs, wires. distributer, etc.

The car will not start again until cold.
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Will it start (or try to start) if you shoot starting fluid in the intake?

If it starts or try's to start then you have a fuel delivery issue. If you are sure the pump is pumping (it is really quiet because it is in the tank) then check your fuel filter.

If it doesnt then you have ignition issues. Pull a sparkplug and ground it on the block or head and see if it gets spark when you turn it over. Sometimes when an ignition coil is going bad it will only run when cold. Could also be a cap or rotor but probably not.

Good Luck.
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