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'85 Mk 2 billboard lettering for rear hatch

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attached photos are from Zen Graphics and thought Raptor Racing had them also before though maybe I am overlooking them now

may be a while until I paint my car and working on quite a bit of mechanical issues including but not limited to my hood cable coming loose under the hood yet again

will be looking for placement of lettering along with what color the black P-Type used

also, trying to decide if I want to go with the large lettering or the more subtle - curious also the history behind the two different ones

thank you
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Do you have a link to a video of someone testing the digital speedometer on the bench?
I would love to see how they have set it up.

this is one of the videos I found
and there are others that show how it looks completed or what it looks like in cars that already had it
debating between going OEM with gray, that little something extra with metallic silver(depending on what that actually looks like) or going with red for above/beyond

very much considering the red striping once I get the car painted so may go with the gray or silver until then just to replace the peeling lettering that is happening right now while I continue the mechical repair/replacement journey
this is what the metallic silver looks like
Grey Asphalt Road surface Tar Pattern

anyone have this on their car for comparison?
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thank you!

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ordered a metallic silver from Raptor Racing

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is there another alignment guide other than that? haha

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first time seeing this sticker on an Mk 2
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That's a MKIV Supra logo.
that is what I thought and looks cool on the black or maybe dark gray Mk 2 in my opinion though not period correct
But I DO dig that license plate!!!

I got vintage plates on mine and you can't choose a vanity word like that when you get the 5 year plates. also don't have to get emissions so off comes the cat!

It's also good to see they have Supra's in Idaho. Every time I do a national search for Supra's I hardly ever see any for sale in Idaho. A surprising amount in Oregon though...
picture was on Facebook

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