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Do you have a link to a video of someone testing the digital speedometer on the bench?
I would love to see how they have set it up.

I had searched the forum and found links to someone who was working on theirs

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Correct, dark vehicles were grey, light colored vehicles were black, silver vehicles were also grey. Only two colors that came from the factory for the billboard decals.

I've never produced the smaller sets for the early models, but have done a bunch of other versions, including the Celica XX decals and the black banner style (still unconfirmed if any of these were oem).

For installation, its much easier to just pull the lock out of the hatch and install over the hole exactly where it should be, rather than trying to cut around the lock. You can then just slide the lock back in and have the decal tucked under the rubber/plastic gasket of the lock. Takes an extra 5 minutes to pull lock and reinstall it and looks much more professional.

Celica XX in met. silver:
View attachment 21850

Import reproduction, digital printed over met. gold:
View attachment 21851

6MGTE variant, definitely not oem:
View attachment 21852

Above is based of this vehicle from the late 80's:
View attachment 21853

And no, I don't have any contact with the owner of the red car, that was a photo from waaaaay back when. Don't even know the owner's name any more.
Do you know where you can get the Celica XX billboard sticker in the first picture?
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