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Since i decided to be a little child to the person that does sub-harnesses a few months back I am not going to be swapping in the 7mgte i have.

Up for sale is an 85 p-type Black.

It has a seized 6m block in it. The cam towers are off the motor but the rest of the head is still on.

It has a lot of rust in the rear wheel well areas. Still fixable with the right person doing the work.

The rear quarter panels rusted through and another panel was placed overtop of the existing panels. Didn't know when i bought it.

The car looks great at twenty feet. It has been resprayed in some locations it seems like. Not an amazing paint job but not the worst I have seen.

The interior is stripped. Except for the front two seats and the main dash portion. This is essentially a shell that needs some work. The hatch has a small rust hole in the back that probably could use some body work. The hood has a half dollar patch of surface rust on the hood.

Car has around 135,000 on the body.

I will post pictures up when i get a chance.

800 obo


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