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Trying again. Was trying to sell locally as well as on here. Had one guy say he would be back with a trailer but never showed up and another guy apparently thought it was going to be a daily driver right off the bat. While I would not use it as a daily driver as is, it is not that far off. It is a running, turning, stopping project. Does have a small oil leak around the exhaust header, I haven't been able to figure out what is causing this, but it is not a large leak. Other than moving it around the house and up and down the street to keep everything from seizing, it has been sitting. I haven't been able to put much work into since doing the engine rebuild 2 years ago.

The Good

New Radiator
Motor Rebuilt (New Pistons, rings, bearings, wrist pins/bushings), maybe 100 miles
New Water Pump
Injectors were cleaned and tested by Witchhunter Performance for rebuild
All necessary electronics are working (headlights, turn signals, windows, etc)
Exterior is in decent shape, minimal rust on quarters and hatch

The Bad

Rust Inside

The floor is in pretty tough shape. Mostly around seat mounts.

Interior is pulled out, only ever had around 95% of it (missing luggage cover and A pillar moulding was damaged after removal).

Tires are old and cracked but do hold air.

I also have the remainder of a donor 5M motor that was used for parts and second Rear Diff, actually I removed this one from the car when I got it. Changed out to address clunking in drivetrain that ended up being the transmission mount (replaced with new).

I would like to get $1,100 for everything. There was some request last time for parts, but I would like to sell it whole unless I can get rid of the rolling chassis with the parts.

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