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I was visiting Woods of Terror in Greensboro, NC last night, 28 Oct, and saw a silver '85 MKII in the parking lot. Had Virginia tags and clear front turn signals. Anyone here?

What did you think of Woods of Terror? I'm a big fan. Haven't been in a few years so everything has changed in that time. I've met Eddie (the owner) a few times at various haunt related tradeshows, etc. He's a super nice guy and puts on one of THE best haunted attractions in the country. Top 20, easily.

Anyone else in the Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem region interested in Halloween or haunted attractions should pay a visit to Woods of Terror. Definitely worth the short drive. $10-$15 tickets and the whole event will take you 60-80 minutes beginning to end. You will not be disappointed.

The Great Pumpkin.
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