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85 supra exaust?

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What company's exaust would be the best for the 85 supra? also, I visited the brullen site and its showin exaust for the 86 and up, im not seein it for the 85, HELP!

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The MKII exhaust is not on their website... They need to get it updated.

Only thing you can do, is call Richard @ Brullen & he will fill you in on their information.... Or you can ask one of us :D :shock: :D

(2.5" cat-back that I purchased in the summer of 2001, when Dean Anderson did the first GP on the Yahoo list. Piping is available in the 2.25" size, 2.50" or in 3.00" for those who have gone turbo).

Other option is to go w/ the Rabid Chimp catback exhaust. Brullen & RC are currently the only peeps who are offering a full catback setup (that also happens to have mandrel bend piping), your other options are to go w/ a Magnaflow/Flowmaster/Dynomax mufflers w/ custom piping.
Currently, I only offer the 2.5" mandrel bent cat-back piping (has hangers and flanges welded on) without a muffler. This system will cost you $199, plus shipping. Pics can be seen from links on this page:
Take care.
Happened to catch a pic of the cold air....niiiiiice, you gunna be makein more and selling those? Let me know, id be very interested. I gues i could make a call to brullen. Or get Aarons, which is better? also on my exaust, im getin a lot of snap crackle pop!s, what do u think it could be? I also got my engine kinda knockin. I was kinda thinkin that my valves have craped out, and maybe it is an exauxt valve thats screwed up that is givin me such a crapy sounding exaust...........answers?
I'm glad you like the cold air pics. I need to modify it before making it available to the public. Take care!
not enough backpressure maybe? That's the problem with my friends box on wheels (87 civic) that pops a lot.
Hey Aaron how much to ship one of those bad boyz to zip 97383?

Lemme know,

PS. Love the new Sig ;)
Hey Aaron, what kind of gains are you feeling from the cold air intake? Also when will it be up for sale and how much $ ?????? Gracias
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