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'93 Supra vs. '03 Cobra

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Watched a race last night between a 1993 Supra (420 RWHP) and a 2003 Mustang Cobra. They both started out on the highway maybe 65mph, they hit the gas and the Supra took off, the driver said he let off at 145mph because the race was obviously over. The Cobra actually followed us into a bank parking lot to check out the 2JZ - he was impressed.
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So where is the mk2 in this story :scratch:

Here Ill add it in

* so there was the MK4, the Rustank :wink: and the mk2 :twisted: and the all hit it at like 65 and Boom they both took off and the Mk4 won the race with the Rustank in second and the mk2 back a the starting line in third :oops:
Didn't I just say that i LOVE a story with a Hapyy you've gone and ruined it all....DDDAAAMNNN YOOOOUUUUUU :2gunfire: => Spanky

karaki =>:nutkick: <=Stankybum
hey Bill! When did you get here? Told ya this was way better than the yahoo group :)

...Except some people have a little too much smiley-face art (but hey Zank, I ain't gonna name names) :roll:

:edit: um yeah, nevermind.... I can just look under your pic and it says... heh. Anyhow, good ta hear from ya!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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