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hey guys, i have a 935 budget coilover kit that i purchased on here awhile back but really never put on so its in pretty damn good shape really from the seller before me. my plans have change as of the moment and i would like to sell here on the forums first before i head to ebay.
anyways, they are the 350lb coilover that sells on 935 for 99 brand new, as seen here:
935 Budget Coilover Kit

the pictures for the kit are here:
My 935 Coilover Kit Slideshow

i am asking 75 for them and this is without shipping. I will have to come up with a shipping quote once i locate a box big enough to house and package them properly first. If paying with paypal, please add 3 percent fees to it also. I will only ship UPS, as they have adequate tracking from location to location, and require a signature, and plus there is one near my job and home for convience of ease, and faster ship out time, if all above procedures have been followed through.

once again, this is only for the coilover setup ONLY, unused. All the hardware i have are in that plastic ziplock bag, and if it is missing anything i do not know for i didnt buy this directly from robert/935, but through another forum member here. it looks to be complete, the allen screws are there and the allen key also, pretty basic, drop in and if you wish to, screwed in place with the allen screws. (i belive the other washers and bushings are just extra that the original member had, and they'd just left in there)
the information needed about installation is here:
935 how to/explaination
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