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94ish Acura Legend

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Pulled up to a light on this legend. It was riced a bit with stickers and an exhaust of some sort. He was inching up so I knew it was on. We both launched well, he was about 2 feet ahead by 25 MPH, then I pulled ahead as his auto trans shifted. In 3rd I started taking him, I heard him downshift? the auto (at least it sounded like that). We were up to 70 MPH now and dead even. At 105 MPH I shut it down (a good 2 lane drag road with nobody else around, but still way to fast for that street) we were still dead neck and neck. We were never more than 2-3 feet apart the whole race. He shut down also when saw I backed off, he immediately rolled his window down and gave me the thumbs up and I did the same. We parted ways with a smile. I spotted him a few feet at the start too, also had my wife in the car with me, he had no passengers. I was rather proud of the old 5mge for giving the 3.2 V6 200HP honda all it could handle. Closest drag I have been in with the MKII thus far.
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Nice race, and gorgeous car. :)
sounds like a great race :)

the hondas around here are either deadly quick, or dead slow, lol :)
Yeah most hondas around here are the same (either all show and no go, or turbo charged and blazing fast). This is the first time I ran across a Legend that was riced a bit and had a street racer type driving it. It was refreshing to see a Honda guy (or Acura in this case) who was a classy racer, not a punk ricer like most civic owners in my area. And thanks Quick, she is looking her best in that pic 8)
yea it sounded like a really good race, and at least he wasnt a dick, i agree with quick: excellent lookin car :rockon:
Always wondered how a Legend would compare to a MkII when not driven by a teenage boy-racer. I've beaten about 9-10 of them back when my Mk II was stock, but almost all didn't know when to shift or had some funky auto (sounded like they were redlining every gear), and got taken to school easily. Only 1 has been close.
very good and realistic story, and agree, magnificent supra, mine should have look like it at its birth . . . :(
Thanks all :p . It was a great race, I don't know what if any mods were done to the car other than the muffler or exhaust that I could see. And of course the asian character stickers add at least 10 HP as we all know. I would imagine the usual like a K&N and maybe an intake pipe. I doubt much more was done to it. I would have liked to stopped and talked with the driver to see, but he went another way and it just wasn't going to happen that time. I will keep my eye out for him another time.
My daily driver is a 94 GS Legend sedan, black on black. The GS sedan and some coupes came with the Type II engine as they call it, with a 3.2L 230 HP V6. It gets around nicely. The other legends came with the 200 HP 3.2L V6. I haven't ran it against my 85 6M auto yet to see what it will do.
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