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mkii is a 168 right? lol, I can never seem to remember that.

well anyway I had 2 passengers in my car and I raced this truck, some beat up rusty piece of crap, but what I didn't know (that I found out cuz he was actually my best friends, brothers, friend) is that he had a rebuilt 454 diesel in it.

At the line I smoked him just cuz I know how to jump the line well then I stayed in front of him til I hit 2nd and he didn't have to shift cuz he had a damn 3 speed. Then I stayed right behind him until he hit 2nd. Then I started gaining on him and when I hit 3rd gear I passed him, gave him the finger (cuz he tried to ram my car earlier and this is what started the race in the first place)

after I hit the brakes to get in the left lane and turn he stopped at the light and the smell of antifreeze was freakin aweful. You could smell that thing from 3 lanes away like it was right under your nose. Sad that he overheated that quick and my Supra held up just fine still beating him.

damn hicks, don't mess
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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