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A/c Makes engine go boom?

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yea, well has this ever happened to anyone? running the A/C while ur warming up ur car and then u take off after the RPM's drop to 1k and SPLURT PING BOOM ur car dies and smoke flows through the hood, then u pull over and look and everythings fine? makes me scared to ever turn the A/C back on lol. then again it makes me WANT to, just to see wat the hell happened
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what was the source of the smoke?
yea thats the problem, i culdnt see one, by the time i opened the hood everything was fine and dandy, and the engine worked fine when i turned it over again.
maybe you blew the a/c line on the high pressure side? Could've been freon escaping instead of smoke. What did the smoke smell like? Engine oil or something else?
the only advice is to stand with the hood open and get someone to start the car and then ac and see what happens.
Sounds like an ac hose blew to me. I've seen it before and it sounded like what you described.
well problem is i can smell exhaust heavily cuz my shift boot is torn. but other than the normal amount, it didnt smell like burning oil. the smell wasnt strong, the engine just spluttered and died. then i turned a/c off and turned it over again and it was fine, i had it on high....maybe it was the pressure
a highside line coulda blown but that doesn't really describe the engine dying. if the compressor won't start again it's because the low pressure cut-off switch has been activated.
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