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First thing is to make sure your compressor turns on. Watch the compressor pulley as it spins. When you turn on the a/c, the clutch should engage and spin the compressor. If it doesn't, then check for 12v on the wire going to the compressor. You should get 12v when hitting the a/c button. If you've got voltage, the clutch on the compressor is shot. If not, check for voltage at the a/v switch, etc, to track down where you're losing the voltage (can't remmeber if the a/c system has it's own fuse or not, but check all your fuses too).

If your compressor is coming on, then you could have a bad compressor, lack of freon, or a number of other things. I'm no a/c expert, so when this happens I just take it somewhere to have diagnostics done on it. About the only other thing I do is take the lines off the a/c compressor and spin it and see if it builds pressure. But you'll lose your freon if you do this, and it would cost ~60+ dollars to fill it back up...more than the price of a diagnostic service.

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