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First kill was a New Chevy Monte Carlo (I don’t think it was a SS) this was at around Midnight on the freeway. It was late at night and I was going home. I was starting to get tired when the Monte Carlo came up to me and just paced me. I didn’t pay attention and I just kept going at speed limit until he/she flashed their high beams, at first I thought maybe they want to see what is coming up. But then all of a sudden they gunned it and slowed back down to match my speed as if they wanted to race. At this point I start to get annoyed. So he flashed his high beams again. I let him go first then I followed. OMG from 80-110 (that’s where they topped out) I murdered him bad :evil2: . We went at it for like three or four times and every time I got him jus the same. :nutkick:

Second kill was a 96-99 Civic with all these gauges on the dash (I was surprised it had no stickers :gotrice: ) so this guy starts to rev his engine on me at the light :roll: . I hit first second and by the end of third I got him by a cars length ahead :mk2vroom: . After we came up to the next light he drives by my side and the passenger yells out “WAY TO REPRESENT THE OLDSCHOOL :rockon: ” (his friend I guess).

Third race was an old V8 Chevy Camaro (BTW it was a hot chic :boobs: driving it) for like three or four blocks she swerves in and out of traffic to catch me up, thinking an easy kill. So, she finally gets next to me at a light. When the light hit green in first gear I got her by a nose, 2nd gear she matched me, on my 3rd gear she pulled away by a nose, on my 4th gear I match her and stay with her all the way (this was when she looked over and was like :wtf: ) :3gears: . At the next light She looked over and smiled while I made a left turn.
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