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A couple quick MAF pictures

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Nothing elaborate, but they get the point across.

I'll have to move the a/f gauge elsewhere because it's really annoying at night.

I'm slowly finding conditions where the tuning is a bit off, but nothing to complain about. I'm actually really surprised at how normal the car feels, just more responsive and definitely more top-end enthusiasm.

All images 800x600 ~100k
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:shock: Is that stock? :wink: Lets hear the details on that MAF sensor, Bob tells us it's a Ford. Part number? From which Ford Model?
I'm very interested in seeing the dyno numbers.
Good work.
the price

is it really worth the 250 ? that just looks a little to much for that . but i guess my thoughts will change when i see some dyno results.
very cool! I'm looking forward to getting one of these when I go turbo. What A/F gauge is that, and how much?
Re: the price

Avp23 said:
is it really worth the 250 ? that just looks a little to much for that . but i guess my thoughts will change when i see some dyno results.
Even without the dyno I'll tell ya it's worth the $250. Hell, I spent $200 on electric fans which net ~5hp that I couldn't even feel. I can *feel* the difference the MAF made, and it's not even dyno tuned yet, just street tuned. It should really start coming into it's own the further I get from stock. I think the real fun will start once I get the turbo on. :D

Dyno will have to wait until Monday as the shop isn't open today. :?
Jason...looks like that MAF unit would probably slide by anyone doing a CA visual smog inspection unless he REALLY knew the MkII stock AFM.

How much of a bear is it to install?

Looking forward to your dyno results.
Is the adapter on the filter side of the MAF sensor rigid enough to support an open element K&N filter, or is it flexible? I can't really tell from the picture.
The adaptor is not part of the conversion kit. It is something that Split Second had made so that Jason could keep his stock airbox...which added a couple of days time to the install as they were waiting on the thing to be made. They are available, but I don't remember the exact price.... but its in the low $20 dollar range. If theres interest in them, let me know and I will find out for sure. A cone filter will work without the adaptor, and as this is a hotwire MAF setup (which for those who don't know what that is, the sensor element heats to 1800 degrees a few seconds after the car has been run above 3000 rpms and shut off.) filter oil fouling it should not be a concern.

Marc said the install would take "someone with moderate to little automotive experience an afternoon to install" He said the biggest problem was the age of the car and getting everything off that needed to come off... so I would expect to have a can of penetrating oil nearby.

Sam, thats the Split Second A/F Gauge they are offering as a part of the buy. It's $89.00 dollars.

Andrew, the MAF sensor is from a 1996 Ford Mustang V-6. Most parts stores will have reconditioned ones for about $120 give or take.

I have to say, VERY clean install. If you wanted to go one step further for the Smog Nazi States, you could hide the box BEHIND the glove box liner...

I'd like to Thank Jason for being our Test Mule here. While I never had a concern about the effect this kit would have on our car, being ther test platform for anything can be a bit worry-some, but he stepped up without a second thought. THANKS JASON!! :)
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My pleasure. 8) Marc did help ease any trepidation by letting me know that if I didn't like it, he'd put it back the way it was and the whole deal wouldn't cost me a penny.

The tuning they did was enough to get me out the door, but still needs some refinement. Once I can get past my starting issues I can start tweaking....which also means the dyno has been delayed until I resolve it. I'll start a new thread wherein I ask for help. I don't believe the problem stems from the MAF since signs were there before-hand.
Can you explain the install a little bit? The wires route through the same hole as the standard wiring harness (I guessing). How did you mount the black box on the glovebox liner and where do you connect the computer to get the data?

I'm looking forward to this.


I would imagine you could route the wires however you wanted. Theres a very basic wiring diagram at The unit we are using is the PSC1-005. As for the particulars of the install itself, and how Jason's car is, you'll have to go with him to find out precisely.

My MAF interest has been put on hold until I can figure out why my car won't stay running.....
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