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How do YOU think of your MkII?

  • Like the style, mod it to make it better/race/drift/autox it

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  • Appreciate the MkII for it's "period" and just want a perfect stock version.

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  • Something in between

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  • Other

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I've had the priviledge of riding in Chris Parvins car twice, and there's NO WAY I'm not going to mod my MKII. Roasting tires in third gear just by rolling into the throttle is an amazing feeling! Plus the styling is superb. I was thinking of making an all out drag car out of the MKI I have, but I figure I'll just make the MKII fast as hell, and save the drag car stuff for my old cars. ;) I like a little nostalga too, and I really think the MKI is a little too nice to do that to. Especially since it's as all together as it is. Considering making it daily driver material. :D

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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