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How do YOU think of your MkII?

  • Like the style, mod it to make it better/race/drift/autox it

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  • Appreciate the MkII for it's "period" and just want a perfect stock version.

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  • Something in between

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  • Other

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For me, it will vary.

Red 85 MKII: BPU (intake, exhaust, wheels, suspension, brakes, stereo, soon to be shifter).

Silver 81 MKI: Completely stock (everything under the hood, interior, stereo, etc). Have only changed out the shocks (Tokico HP's), will eventually do a minor suspension upgrade (81 Performance Package springs & swaybars (if I can ever find any), and PST bushings). May do a minor/simple exhaust upgrade (2.25" crush bend piping). This is the car that I'm trying to preserve & keep it as simple as possible, the MKII is the one that get's all of the nicer upgrades.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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