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How do YOU think of your MkII?

  • Like the style, mod it to make it better/race/drift/autox it

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  • Appreciate the MkII for it's "period" and just want a perfect stock version.

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  • Something in between

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  • Other

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love the look

IMO....the celica supra is the best car ever made......The only time I ever post is when I need a part, if people are having probs that I can help with or if I have a problem that I know nothing about.....and of course the pics........I have modded my car quite a bit to richen its performance capabilities and to hear that sweet ct 26 woosh away......however, I hate racing it makes little sense to me to drop $1,000 or $10,000 in you sweet almost antique car and then tear it apart trying to beat a piece or crap mustang or honda, or whatever.....sorry about the word trying as well...beating these cars comes naturally to the MKII.....I even love the stock rims on these long as they have been taken care of..........all I can say is toyota 4-ever 4-me
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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