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Well I can help on a couple of these....

1-the hydraulic supports for the hood no longer support the hood's weight at all and need to be replaced. are they the same size as the hatch supports or would i need to go get some new hood supports?

>> Go to Autozone or something like that and tell em you need new hood supports for an 84 Supra, they'll hook you up, I did it myself when I got my car. And they aren't hard to put on at all... but you might need something to hold the hood up like a rod from another car or a friend with no life who can stand there for 30 minutes holding up a hood.

2-drivers side window stuck up, i assume because of a dead window motor. i'm going to find out for sure if this is the case but how much do the windows motors run for? and could i possibly use a motor from a celica or other toyota vehicle?

>> Well, when you hit down do you hear any electrical noise? Maybe the motor works and it's just jammed or maybe some moron superglued the window shut (someone did that in my friends Mercedes before he bought it). As for getting a new motor, again, try autozone, lol.. or a Supra parts car thats here.

3-door locks like to randomly lock sometimes, anyone know what could be causing this?

>> Mine does the same thing, really pisses me off, I got tons of lock problems, I think it's electrical and well... I'm not even gonna bother with it, when I get some money I'll probably have a pro look at it.
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