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Dooly, :nutkick:

Your new here so let me be the first of many to politly ask new members to use the search button. This is a really big problem so don't get offended or anything ... just use it in the future.

For the hood struts look in the restoration section under the heading "HOOD STRUTS" get it ... even the part number is given there.

Door locks ... again there are a number of threads on this that all lean towards the lock relay in the drivers door. THIS IS A VERRY COMMON PROBLEM. Look the around the forumn and find 'em.

Same with the other questions ... look around first and I think you will find ALL the information you need. If you can't find it in old threads, somebody here probable knows so ask away.

So remember ... SEARCH :twak: (You don't want to piss off Zankone ... he's nuts!) :drinking:
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