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This car is my baby, or burden haven’t pin pointed it yet, but it started as a rusty old crusty 1979 mk1supra ( I got it a week after I totaled my first mk1, same color as well!) I gutted it entirely with a respirator and disinfected every surface, took sound deadining out, I had a lot of suspension parts for it off of my old one, but that’s kind of where this one started lol, I had purchased the jz on eBay about a year prior, so I had the ball rolling, picked up an r154 and some bits and “got in over my head” and did it, started in September took me till April the next year to move under its own power, I installed a fuel cell ran all -8 an braided stainless line, all an fittings I did the wiring very badly at first, nothing worked right , this was my first swap ever by the way , I took it all out put it on paper gave everything a relay and routed it in a proper way, to my surprise she fired up and been driving it for over a thousand miles no problems!
Parts list
R154 +new bell housing
Driftmotion 3”aluminum drive line
Jegs 10 gallon fuel cell
eBay special intercooler
Act clutch nothing special
Driftmotion 11lb aluminum flywheel
Aeromotive fpr
Garage whifbitz coilpacks
Xcessive manufacturing engine mounts
Oil drain lines to clear engine mounts
Suspicious garage alternator relocation bracket
Wiring specialties all brand new plugs for every senso

Custom tubed subframe for an ma60 steering rack
Xcessive manufacturing linkage kit
Offset steering rack spacers
Techno toy tuning list lol
Tie rods
Gtx2 control arms
Zero Ackerman steering knuckles
Adjustable 4 links and panhard bar
Bc Coilovers for an mx73 Cressida upfront
Some work equip o 1s upfront to hold the shot show together!, I will try to get pictures of this dragon on this! Peace


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Following with a lot of interest. We would love to have you join our Mk1 Owners group at
I believe I’m in that group!!! If not I will be , thank you, any questions feel free to ask! My name is ted ulsky, are you the admin and the supra registry person???
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