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well, lets look at this rare beauty. 1977 delta 88 factory pace car replica. yes it needs a little work and this weekend im replacing the rubber fuel lines, full tune up, adjust the trans kickdown, replace valve covers gaskets, and possibly fix the driver side window regulator.

First, this is my grandmothers car. she is the original owner, 140,000 miles. she just gave me the good news that the car will pass on to me. when my uncle was married, they drove off in this car. I believe my parents did the same.this was the last car that my grandmother bought while my grandfather was mom learned to drive in this car,so did my sister and i. this car has lots of sentimental value and im glad i can help my grandmother enjoy her car.

now some pics.

and we keep feeding this stray cat, he was nice enough to stay still for a photo under my roomates mk3
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